Barrier Pro-Synthetic food grade barrier fluids


Product Details:


  • Compatible with other synthetic and mineral barrier fluids
  • Low temperature fluidity
  • High Temperature stability
  • Efficient heat transfer properties
  • Chemically inert
  • Readily biodegradable according to OECD 301B (BarrierPro 5)
  • NSF H1 Registered, ISO 21469 certified, Kosher approved, Halal certified and CFIA accepted



  • Available in 5 and 17 cSt
  • ISO 4406 cleanliness level of 15/13/10
  • Available in Gallon cases
  • Single product line for high temperatures and H1 Food Grade
  • Synthetic base oil compatible with most commonly used seal materials
  • Increased safety from high auto ignition and flash points
  • No carbon blistering when a carbon ring is used


Operating Range:

Barrier Pro 5
  • Pour Points -103 F (-75 C)
  • Flash Point 305 F (152 C)
  • Viscosity @40C    5.1 C
  • Viscosity @100C  1.7 C
Barrier Pro 17
  • Pour Points -99 F (-73 C)
  • Flash Point 425 F (219 C)
  • Viscosity @40C    16.9 C
  • Viscosity @100C  3.9 C


Recommended Applications:

  • API Plan 52 Vented
  • API Plan 53 Pressurized
  • API Plan 54 Pressurized
  • Convection or force flow systems


Functional Description:

Produced using the highest quality synthetic base stocks with additives to provide a non-reactive, oxidatively stable fluid to provide maximum seal protection for a wide temperature range.
These fluids will resist aging and provide a lubricating film over a wide temperature range increasing efficiency and reducing risk of environmental contamination. BarrierPro does not contain components that are known catalyst poisons.


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