NF-GO Supply System

NF-GO Supply System

NF-GO Supply System


With the new NF-GO seal supply system it is possible to supply barrier fluid to double and tandem mechanical seals for a broad range of applications. NF-GO systems are equipped as standard with all the necessary system connections and brackets. The system allows for multiple additional components for remote monitoring such as seal temperature monitoring with PT-100 sensors, pressure measurement and leakage detection by flow monitoring.


  • Eliminates barrier fluid costs and maintains a steady buffer water pressure
  • Pressure fluctuations in the seal water line are compensated by the pressure accumulator
  • The accumulator can keep the seal pressurized for days even if the supply water line is lost ( case of power blackout)
  • One system, all the needed functionality
  • Not as demanding about barrier fluid quality since the system has no small orifices that can be clogged
  • No water flow to introduce harmful solids into the system or mechanical seal
  • With an NF-system no other auxiliary equipment is required. (No need for flow meters, valves adjust pressure/flow)
  • Better running conditions for the seal, with additional cost benefits!

Functional description

The NF-GO system performs all the basic functions of a barrier system for the operation of non-flow capable double and tandem seals:
  • Pressurization of the seal barrier chamber via the barrier water supply line
  • Leakage compensation
  • Compensates pressure variations in the barrier water supply line
  • Cools the seal (cooling loop version)
  • Prevents dry running by ensuring sufficient barrier pressure, possibility of accidental pressure drop minimized

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