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Demographic development, larger quantities of hazardous materials, increasing sealing up of areas, and the effects of climate change with its extreme events – all of these pose great challenges for water management around the world, and the costs keep increasing. The reliable supply of high-quality drinking water and flood protection are becoming more important, but so is the generation of regenerative energy from hydroelectric power.   

As key components, the right sealing technology and the associated sealing management significantly influence the availability and efficiency of technical systems. 



For more than 130 years, EagleBurgmann has been a reliable full-service partner for excellent sealing technology in water management, a partner who is intimately familiar with the challenges it poses. Reputable system operators and original equipment manufacturers already trust our expertise.

We’ll be glad to help you with the safe, constant, economical operation of your systems by providing precisely-designed sealing solutions, custom-tailored service programs, and the ability to communicate sound knowledge to your specialized personnel in seminars and training courses.

Pipe housing and submersible pumps are often used to convey ground and spring water from very great depths. Since these units are frequently difficult to access, absolute reliability of all components is the prerequisite for trouble-free, economical operation.

To pump water with centrifugal pumps, whether in dry or wet situations, constant performance is absolutely required of the components, even when the medium they are pumping is heavily contaminated.

High-volume pipeline pumps with flow rates of 15,000 - 20,000 cubic meters per hour require high-performance seals to transport water long distances. When distributing drinking water in municipal networks and to individual consumers, by contrast, continuous performance is more important than high power. Availability, a long service life, and robust construction – these are the properties that sealing technology must possess.

From recovering untreated water to treatment to distribution – EagleBurgmann offers the optimal solution for each of these. Our robust seals have proven themselves millions of times over with their long service life and reliability.

Wastewater treatment is critical for preserving health and conserving water resources. Depending on the country and laws in question, purification in treatment plants is done in several stages: by mechanical/physical, biological, and chemical means.

Heavily contaminated water contains constituents of multiple origins. Clog-forming fibers, abrasive solids, biological material, greases, oils, and undesired chemicals are pumped with the water across the treatment stages and removed from the water. The treatment sludge that accumulates can have a dry substance content of up to 45%.

All of this poses a wide variety of requirements for the treatment technology and components used.

Whether centrifugal, submersible, or eccentric screw pumps, macerators or aerators – EagleBurgmann provides mechanical seals that perform reliably even with corrosive and abrasive wastewater with high viscosity.

Depending on the sealing point, operating parameter, and process condition, you will always find the right sealing solution for the trouble-free, continuous operation of your treatment system.

Climate change, environmental protection, and growth are causing an increasing number of large cities to collect and distribute rain and surface water, or near the ocean, storm water.

High-performance pumps that impress with mega data are used in deep collection shafts and powerful tunnel systems: Weighing more than 50 tons, producing more than 12 Megawatts, with a delivery head of more than 100 meters, and flow volume of more than 200 cubic meters per second. This requires immense, robust mechanical seals that can withstand enormous operating parameters unconditionally in case of emergency.

Reputable manufacturers of large pumps and operators of water projects around the world rely on high-performance, robust, long-lasting EagleBurgmann sealing technology for flood protection.

With the expansion of wind and solar energy, pumped storage power stations are becoming more important for energy storage and supply. Storage pumps with shaft diameters of up to 600 millimeters, delivery heads of up to 1,500 meters, and fluctuating pressures of up to 50 bar demand robust, reliable sealing technology.

EagleBurgmann sealing solutions are used successfully here and prove each and every day that it’s possible to unite resource conservation, reliability, and efficiency.

The benefits to you

  • An extensive portfolio of standardized sealing solutions with proven EagleBurgmann quality
  • Quick availability, e.g. in case of repairs
  • Universal applicability of the eMG elastomer bellows seal offers great standardization potential with the associated benefits of efficient inventory and reduced training requirements

  • Modular service concept just right for your individual requirements (e.g. framework agreements tailored to your needs, including spare parts supply upon request)

  • Quick technical support from our sealing experts in difficult cases

  • Extensive seminars and training courses about all aspects of sealing technology, maintenance, and service for your specialized personnel at our EagleBurgmann Academy. Custom-tailored in-house training courses are also possible.

  • Cooperation with reputable service partners for your pump repair

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